About Us

“TradeDesk Team” started its first steps in 2010 as an online community of workers. Almost 10 years later, it has more than 100 specialized staff, who have complete more than a thousand projects in 10 countries.

Our goal

The “TradeDesk Team Ltd” company is established in the United Kingdom and its offices are in Mayfair, London.
Our goal is to always offer high quality online services to every company, of any size and professional activity. For this reason, we only recruit competent executives, thus facing the constant developments in the field of Marketing and Communication. At the same time, as suppliers, we reduce the operating costs of the companies that choose us, fully satisfying every modern commercial activity.

Why work with us?

By doing a search on the internet you will find many Marketing companies that offer services similar to ours.

Our differences...

TradeDesk Team offers a multitude of Services, Marketing, Communication & Sales, as well as Office and Online Store Management. Additionally it offers Web Development, Web Design & Graphic Design Services, providing complete solutions to today’s businesses that are looking for reliable and consistent partners.

We successfully address every need of your company, providing any service offered through remote work!

We are not a traditional Marketing company, a Call Center or Developers. We are everything your Business needs! 

We are the TradeDesk Team!!!

Our promise to companies

Our goal is to implement our motto every day, that is to offer an entire community in your hands! Whatever need you have, whatever service you are looking for, contact us and you will have the right partner.

In short, we guarantee you:

High level services at an ideal cost
Adherence to the agreed deadline
Possibility of a better offer in case of long-term cooperation

Since 2010 We Support Companies All Over The World, Having Only Happy Customers!!!