About Us

The TradeDesk Team started as a freelancers’ community in 2010. Approximately 10 years later it collaborates with 130 specialized professionals that have completed more than 1300 projects in 5 countries.

Our mission

Basically, The TradeDesk Team connects qualified executives of the market to
companies that need them. First, you inform us about the service you require or project
you want us to undertake. Then, we will select a candidate or a team that matches your
exact needs and is best suited to the job.
The selection of professionals is done through an extensive evaluation process, which
ensures that your work will be completed not only quickly but also in the most efficient
and discreet professional manner.
The TradeDesk Team provides freelancers with job opportunities and businesses with
effective services.


Why you should choose us

If you perform a search on the Internet you will find many Marketing companies
offering services similar to ours.
You will also find many pages that bring companies and freelancers together in order
to work on a project, asking for a commission from both.

How we differ...

-from other marketing companies

We do not work with permanent employees like any Marketing company. This way the
results we offer are not in the same style and pattern. Almost every day we include new
collaborators in our Team, with fresh, youthful ideas and long-lasting experience. Our Team
delivers the results that every customer would desire. The project is always delivered on
time, at the cost of an employee and not a trader.

-from other sites offering freelance services

We do not let the customer take the risk of collaborating with an anonymous freelancer.
Most of the time you choose a freelancer for his/her low bid but often you waste valuable
time or money because the project remains incomplete.

Assigning your project to our Team it means that we take over the responsibility of
executing it perfectly, using the best freelancers. After evaluation procedures we assign
your project to the most appropriate partner. At the same time we promise you that if, for
any reason, you cannot collaborate with the partner we suggested, we are willing to replace
him/her within 48 hours with another, with similar skills and accomplishments.
We are not a traditional Marketing company or a website that is merchandising labour.
We are the TradeDesk Team.

Our promise to companies

Our goal is to remain consistent with our slogan daily. In other words we want to offer you a
whole community in your hand. We can meet your needs and find the service you are
looking for.

Guarantee of:

  • High quality services at low cost
  • Compliance with the agreed deadline
  • Having the option to change the suggested freelancer within 48 hours

Our collaboration is always external and the payment agreement can be set either per hour
or per project.

Our commitment to the team

Our team is so effective because we keep our commitments. Secure weekly payment by our
company in combination with continuous job supply is the recipe for success. This way we
have been able to maintain external partners on a constant basis.
Through the years they have collaborated on many different projects. There for, they have
acquired an effective communication with each other, giving the word «team» the meaning
it deserves.

So either you’re looking for a service or you are providing one, you need «The TradeDesk