Create a Landing Page

The “Landing Page” is the mirror of your product!

As the place where the sale is completed, a Landing Page must:
  • have a good description, an image and, if possible, a video,,
  • present the advantages of your product,
  • compare it with similar competitors’ products,
  • explain why the customers should buy it

It can promote Products or Services, sell one or a combination of products. 

Finally, it must include a card payment method.

Most of the times it is not the quality or the price of the product that matters, but the presentation !!!

You don’t need to have an eShop to accept payments!

It is the ideal solution for whoever promotes few products and doesn’t want to be burdened with the costs of an entire Online Store, but the sales need to be completed immediately.

Total cost £150 !

Delivered in 3 days !!!

or call (+44) 037 0042 3700

Since 2010 TradeDesk Team offers high quality services to companies or freelancers all over the world!

Combine your Landing Page with our service…

…and take off your sales!!!

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