Marketing Social Network by the TradeDesk Team!

Dear friends,

TradeDesk Team has created your own Social Network in its blog area!

The Marketing Social Network by The TradeDesk Team!

We believe that by spreading our business ideas, promoting the way we trade in the 21st century, helping the public and businesses worldwide to become more aware of our products and services, we are helping not only ourselves but the entire e-commerce and entrepreneurship industry.

We are well aware that by offering free knowledge and education to entrepreneurs, we  help them and their businesses grow while recognizing our work and the value of our services.

In this perspective, we have created the Marketing Social Network which will act as a Network of free information for commercial businesses around the world.

Here we will post articles and opinions of every business posted on their blogs, even our competitors, in order to help business people by giving them free knowledge.

We will not do copywriting, rewriting or content marketing through this Network, but we will republish the exact articles as you have posted them on your blogs, as well as the link where others can find that article on your blog. So we offer information but we also promote and advertise your business, whatever you are trading, whatever services you offer, even competitive with ours.

When our industry thrives, we all thrive! When competition is fair, then the results help the whole industry, and at the same time, the commerciality.

So we invite all of you to contribute content to our Network, to suggest your articles for publication, as long as they are related to online marketing, e-commerce, work.

We will publish them without any editing (unless the content is offensive or inappropriate), without any modification*. Just as you would post them on another Social Network, offering free knowledge and expecting advertising. Offer us material to publish and earn recognition since you are offering something for free, increase your website traffic since there will be a link directing to your blog, share your business around the world through our Social Network.

Let’s make M.arketing S.ocial N.etwork the place where commercial ideas and solutions of the 21st century will meet, the place that will help the growth of businesses in every field!

Yours sincerely
The TradeDesk Team

* TradeDesk Team Ltd does not bear any responsibility regarding the material of these articles (text or photo) but these are the responsibility of the authors of the articles and the blogs that are the source of the republished articles. The owners of these articles are the only responsible for anything that falls under rights of use and should produce them on any request.

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