Social Media Advertising – The Heart of Online Advertising

Social channels have become effective marketing tools with the way they facilitate interaction with your customer base. Did you know that 90per cent of all marketers say social media marketing has increased their business exposure? Or that 66per cent of marketers that spend at least 6 hours on social per week has seen more leads? With the advent of social media, traditional marketing methods no longer seem enough to sustain a business. Social connectivity has become the key to marketing and building the brand’s image for the buyers. Analytics and other measurement tools can enable entrepreneurs to find how they can take advantage of social media as a marketing tool and also how to use data to optimize their social marketing campaigns.

How do social media help strengthen your brand?

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are here to stay, which means that marketers can leverage this popularity and use it for their brand’s growth and also to pad their wallets. One of the greatest benefits of social media marketing is that it helps you reduce marketing costs, without sacrificing the results.

Not only can you reach a global audience with limited resources but social media can get you a target audience. Having access to all these customers will help boost traffic. When a new blog or update is put on the homepage, it can take time to get traction through Google, which means that few customers will know the new content if they are not searching for your product or service. Using social media for business also boosts your site’s SEO.

Social media marketing will help you understand your audience. Social channels like Twitter and Instagram become effective marketing tools with the way they facilitate interaction with your customer base. As a matter of fact, many brands use YouTube to beta-test their ads before launching TV commercials. The reason is obvious: investment is low, the market is huge and the results are almost instantaneous. Brands for starters have started off by promoting itself in viral videos.

Another reason brands are taking to social media platforms to get their name out is that they have got most of the early adopters. Youth are the most likely target market for food delivery and car rental apps. It makes sense for brands to test their adoption online.

Also, by reading their tweets and status updates, brands can easily gain insight into the daily lives of users, thereby allowing you to gauge their behaviour as a consumer. Social media marketing, or SMM, can allow you to easily understand the kind of products that they are buying and why, their hobbies, the kind of posts that they share, the websites that they frequently visit. This knowledge is bound to have obvious marketing benefits. If you understand your customer, you can write better content and more compelling posts, which leads to more traffic. But the benefits can sometimes go far beyond – it can help you in identifying customer pain points, refining your product strategy and also in improving sales.

Talking about social media ads, they have another plus point — they allow targeting and retargeting. Social media platforms offer highly targeted advertisement that can be customized based on the customer’s needs. For instance, Facebook ads can target customers by several factors — like age, education level, location, industry and even user behaviour (the number and the kind of pages the user has liked).

Businesses that have high selling frequency can benefit more. Have you ever wondered why you see brand ads on your Facebook dashboard? Well, Facebook and Google allow you to retarget, making it easy for the brand to capture user information and share more offers with users that have used the service already.

Through social media, you can help get noticed and also earn media coverage. The success of an event heavily depends on effective promotion. And what better way for promotion than social media? An active social media presence is always an advantage. Brand image thrives on social media marketing. The way your brand is presented on social networking sites, nowadays, has more power to create an image in any potential customer’s mind than TV commercials. Since almost everyone is on social media and people constantly keep checking their phones, regular updates about the brand can also be given – like the launch of a new product or the betterment of an earlier service or sales and discount offers.

A strong media presence will also build brand loyalty. It can considerably reduce your customer response time as these days if there is a problem with your product or service, the consumer expects it to be solved right away. It was found in a report published by Texas Tech University that brands with an active social media presence are likely to have more customers.

Engagement with people on social media helps marketers develop a connection and a rapport, which in turn enables them to widen their customer base. It is a positive step in providing your followers with useful information and help, along with some entertainment that manages to keep their interest peaked. This will also project that you value your customers as people and not just a source of revenue. Customers will see you as an entity that cares about them and they too will be able to understand the brand’s vision. In the competitive business world of today, this has the ability to make a huge difference. Social media can also be perfect for a well-suited PR strategy.

Not only can you develop stronger relationships with your customers, but it will also enable you to acquire more customers. It has been estimated that 70per cent of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook. So, yes, social media plays a great role than you can imagine in increasing your sales through its obvious innumerable benefits.

Source: www.entrepreneur.com

How can I create effective Facebook ads?

So, you have reached the point where you have completed your site or eshop, you have created your Facebook Page and your professional profile on Instagram. You have connected them all together and you upload posts regularly. However, you do not see your audience rising, your potential customers are not growing and you are a little worried. You feel that all the effort, the time and the money you spent are lost without any result.

This is where I come to assure you that all this is perfectly reasonable and you have not lost anything yet. Everything that you have done is correctly and qualitatively constructed and configured. But this is not enough to take off your business, as somehow you need to communicate with your potential customers. What you need now is ADVERTISING! Regardless of whether you advertise on Google, social media advertising is necessary and quite different.

Firstly, you need to communicate your digital presence, in order to increase the recognition of your BRAND and consequently the followers of your Page or your professional account, the likes and the comments in your posts. You can do this by promoting your Page in Business Manager. At this point, let’s focus on the correct opening of your Business Account, as well as the Advertising Account in Business Manager, which is very important. The goal is to do not have to face problems in rejecting ads or deleting your accounts.

Don’t forget that Facebook policies are constantly changing. Especially when it comes to advertising, they are quite strict. Therefore, it is good to have a person in your team who has a good knowledge of Facebook to avoid such problems. In Business Manager the first thing you have to do is to create your business profile. Add your name, your registered office, and your tax information if you want to receive invoices from your Facebook ads. Then choose a payment method from the variety of options that are given to you, so that your Facebook ads are automatically paid. Additionally, you can add administrators who can manage the Page you have created in your Business!

Once you have completed this process, it’s time for you to create the advertising account. This will be linked to your business account that you just created. At this stage, you should also add your payment details that you want. It is preferred to be identical to what you have added to your business account. You can add administrators to your ad accoun too. So once you have created the Page, your business account in Business Manager and the professional advertising account and you have linked them all together, you are finally ready to create your first ad.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Before we tell you the secrets of an effective ad, let’s get to know this tool that helps facebook get information from our page. You guessed correctly, we are talking about Facebook Pixel. This is very important as we can get all kinds of information such as what response rate our ad had, ie what percentage of those who saw the ad came in from a post we mentioned on our site.

We can also see how many of those who saw our ad bought something or completed some other action. If we combine the energy in the Pixel with a sum of money or put the amount of the product in a market, we will be able to have a complete picture of how much money we spent on Facebook advertising and how much money we received from it.

But the biggest weapon that the facebook pixel gives us is the possibility of custom audiences. For example, we can create an audience that has added something to its cart but has not completed the purchase and target it with ads so that it can eventually make the purchase. In short, facebook pixel, if properly made, can enable us to display dynamic ads and do a very good and correct marketing and remarketing.

It’s time for our first ad, what do I need to know?

As mentioned above the first ad you will probably need to make is to promote your Page, in order to increase your brand recognition and your followers. How do you do that? By selecting the target interaction! Then, make a text that will say a few words about your business, determine the duration, the audience and the daily budget you want to spend and your ad is ready!

After the first few days or weeks, you will see your audience grow significantly. Then this is the time when you can start targeting your products or services. Choose your product or service wisely. Choose something that is seasonal, up-to-date, in high demand or the product or service that sets you apart from the competition. Then find a short but concise text. Stand on the strong points of what you want to advertise, as well as the reasons why someone is worth buying it or contacting you.

Then find an informative photo with good resolution and in the required dimensions, so that it can appear everywhere on social networks. Don’t forget that your ad will be displayed, in addition to Facebook, on Instagram whether you have an account there or not. Make sure the photo does not contain too much text, words, numbers or letters. Warm shades are also preferred.

Think of a title with a maximum of 3 words to catch the eye of the consumer. Determine the daily amount and duration of the ad and pay close attention to creating your ad audience. Where do you want the ad to be viewed? Possibly, where the scope of your business activities extends. If this is particularly the case, select some key cities. See where the most interest is gathered and re-target if necessary. In addition, consider the following. What ages and genders are interested in what you advertise? What language do they speak? And what are their preferences?

So it’s clear how important it is to define the audience for your ad. This way you will have a successful advertising in terms of cost versus profit. Facebook enables us to have the following criteria: Location, Age, Gender, Language, Interests, Behavior.

For example, when we sell women’s shoes online, then we could probably aim at mainland Greece in order to have less transportations cost. We can also aim at women up to 55 years old because after this age they usually do not shop online and womaen that are interested in online shopping. This way you save a large amount of your advertising budget which would be pointless to men or women who do not shop online.

Remember! In order for the ad to be successful, the audience must be targeted. But is shouldn’t be targeted neither too wide, nor too narrow! This is the key to success.

Referring to the advertising goals, there are many options. In any case,you are obviously interested in selling. The question is what is the best way for your business to achieve this! Some prefer their potential customers to communicate directly with them via messages, others to fill in a form with their details and then they call them or send them an email.

At the Prospective Customer Center you can find all the interested parties who have filled in the form that you have made. It is in the advertisement with their data and you can download it and gather these data in an excel. This way you can track and categorize your potential customers with organizational features. Manage your potential customers by setting tracking reminders, assigning a holder to your potential customers, or adding notes to their contact information. Also, filter your potential customers by category, owner, tag, or date. Create custom or similar audience types based on how your customers are categorized. Or contact them directly via email or via Messenger.

Source: facebook.com

Those who have an eshop often prefer to direct the interested parties directly to their eshop to complete their purchase. And others just want to promote a post in order to gain likes, comments and generalized mobility and visits to their Page, their professional profile on Instagram, their site or their e-shop. But whatever the reason is that you want to create an ad on social media, make sure you do it effectively. To do this you will probably need the right partner to guide you, advise you and share with you all the secrets you need to know, so you can see your customers grow rapidly.

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